[Founder Feature @TC] Dec 2019

 Name: Tan Jianhong, Co-founder & CEO, 39yo, Singaporean

Technopreneur Circle member: Since June 2018

Company: Su-ette Pte Ltd (Artificial Intelligence)

Website: https://www.su-ette.com

Fun facts about me:

My Life journey is about perpetual learning. Having spent a quarter of my life serving business functions in Multinational companies, I’m at a stage of living out the purpose of my life. Authoring children books to share important human skills for our kids’ future during my spare time.

Currently, we are transforming the way Artificial Intelligence (AI) can better support the businesses with a dedicated team in Su-Ette. Basically, we love building a highly capable digital workforce for the future.

Being an avid food technologist as well, I am working on a market gap at the moment as well.
The company under 20 words:

Su-Ette Empowers Human Capital Through Tech with Artificial Intelligent Bots for businesses.

What my company name & logo means:

When we founded the company, we wanted technology to be more humanistic, hence we’ve decided to name ourselves Su-Ette – which is a French name translated to represent good fortune or luck.

Why I started the company & my journey so far:

Having served time in many Multi-national companies, my observations of how the small-medium enterprises are struggling to attain best in class technologies, that became a calling we had to answer. Having pivoted multiple times till perfecting what the market needs are, we placed our core capabilities around A.I Chatbots to serve businesses intelligently. From having our very first HR Bot, we have expanded rapidly to include Bots that handles restaurant businesses, customer service function, sales management.
And our latest Bots – Building an ecosystem to aid Mental Health and Wellness for Students (Institutes), Youth at risk (Social communities) and employees (Companies). We’ve got really good feedback on how it aids organizations in deploying Bots to support Mental Health resilience.

We are not stopping just yet! Coming out really soon will be bots that handle recruitment and lead generation for businesses. (There are still many more that we are currently keeping under wraps). Before getting too excited about what our future holds, the main reason why we are focused on this path is knowing our impact it brings to our people, our community and our nations. Focusing on projects that impacts social issue and causes remains our core interest. Just recently deploying a Bot that aids vulnerable communities to be educated about online scams for a local social organization.

My lightbulb advice:

Listen to your intuition and understanding if you are building a “Candy”, “Vitamin” or “Painkiller” to the problem we are addressing.

I’m currently looking for:

Mentors / Advisors, Partners

You can reach me @ 



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